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Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO) is a multi-disciplinary research and development organization established by an Act of Parliament No. 5 of 1979 and it became operational on 1st April, 1979.  Its mandate is to assist the industrial sector of Tanzania by providing technical expertise and support services to upgrade their technology base. As well, carrying out applied research, for the development of suitable technologies, and value addition to indigenous resources through industrial processing.


An Institution which conducts high quality and environmentally friendly demand driven research and provides technological support with outputs resulting into competitive industry.



To conduct research, development and technical services on industrial processes and products while utilizing local materials in partnership with the industries


Major Goals


i) To transform TIRDO into a Center of Excellence by 2020.

    • To accredit 4 laboratories with at least 5 methods of analysis by 2015,
    • To increase by 30% the sources of funding for research by 2015,
    • To produce five peer reviewed scientific and technical  publications annually,
    • To apply for five industrial patents by 2017,
    • To raise knowledge base of TIRDO staff by 30% by 2015, and to transform TIRDO into a learning organization by 2020.


ii) TIRDO to be a leading organization in conducting applied research, technology transfer and providing quality technical services to manufacturing industry by 2020.

  • To conduct R&D in post harvest technologies, research on biocomposite materials for construction industries and R&D in renewable energy technologies such as windmills, coal, bio gas, solar and fuel from wastes and R&D on textile and leather processing (fibres, fabrics, skin, yarn)
  • Development of turnkey technologies in soda ash, cement, gas and SME parks in Economic Development Zones
  • Development of bioreactors, processes, enzymes, microorganisms for producing fuel from sugarcane, cassava, sisal, jatropha and palm oil
  • Perform high quality technical services (NDT, Physical material testing, metal casting, Energy auditing, Environmental Auditing, Food Micro Biology analysis, chemical analysis)
  • Improvement of agro processing through application of HACCP and GMP
  • Implementation of environmental management systems and certification of ISO 14000:2004, Quality management systems and certification of ISO 9000:2000
  • Information and Knowledge dissemination through ICT


iii) TIRDO is self-reliant by 60% in R&D and operational funding by 2020

  • To develop 60% of underutilized land and complete 25% of unfinished buildings by 2020.
    • To improve employees�€™ work culture (mindset, attitude, and work ethics) through motivation, empowerment and skills development so as to raise institutional performance (productivity improvement and revenue growth) by 30% by 2015.


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